Trial Care International, LLC

Organizing Success With Integrity

radiopharmaceuticals for many different indications including PET/CT oncology studies and radiotherapeutics, MRI contrast agents, Iodinated contrast agents and Ultrasound contrast agents for oncology indications. 
Many of our CRAs are certified in one or more imaging modality and are able to evaluate site’s imaging capabilities and equipment standards.  We can also provide training and technical expertise to the sites throughout the study.

Imaging Expertise

Our team has specialized in imaging trials over the last fifteen years.  We have been involved with writing the imaging and statistical sections of protocols, composing imaging and radiopharmacy manuals, developed imaging charters for core labs, facilitated and provided blinded reads and training.  In addition, we have a pool of investigators, clinics, hospitals and universities with whom we have worked with over the years and can recommend for obtaining quality data.
We have been involved with several products managing pivotal studies through successful FDA approvals.  Our experience  involve